Python hermes-py Documentation

Hermes is a Postgres-talking, event-driven, failure-handling Python library. Its main purpose is to enable the easy implementation of resilient Python processes which require communication with Postgres. It defines a base-layer which you can build as little or as much as you like on top of.

It’s been used at Transifex to fulfil a number of roles, one of them including a Postgres -> Elasticsearch river.


*nix operating system which supports the select function.

Postgresql 9.0+ is required to support LISTEN/NOTIFY commands.


pip install hermes-pg


Most users will just need to define some form of process to run when an event is emitted. This can be achieved by defining a processor object and supplying that to the Client object like so:

from hermes.components import Component

class Processor(Component):
    def __init__(self,)
        super(Processor, self).__init__()

    def execute(self):
        # Do some amazing event-driven stuff

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